Open Space

Open space consists of protected lands of significant value that are conserved in their natural state, restored or improved with appropriate native landscaping to retain a natural or natural-appearing condition, or conserved in quality agriculture.

Lake and sky view at Thomas Reservoir in Erie Colorado

The benefits of open space include:

  • Separating or buffering communities to allow them to keep their individual identities
  • Enhancing community gateways
  • Conserving natural features and protecting lands of high ecological, scenic or cultural value
  • Providing visual separation between built areas
  • Providing places for types of outdoor recreation appropriate to the natural setting
  • Limiting development on lands that would adversely affect the community in some way
  • Providing places for local agriculture to continue
  • Preserving long distance views
  • Maintaining Erie's rural character and creating corridors for the safe and enjoyable movement of people and animals.

Parks and Open Space Land

Arapahoe Ridge Park 5.5 Acres
Clayton Park
8.7 Acres
Coal Creek Park 6.5 Acres
Coal Miners Park 0.8 Acres
Columbine Mine Park 9.2 Acres
Country Fields Park 22.2 Acres
Crescent Park 8.0 Acres
Erie Community Park 49.3 Acres
Lehigh Park 6.1 Acres
Longs Peak Park 12.2 Acres
Reliance Park 19.2 Acres
Serene Park 6.6 Acres
Star Meadows Park 8.2 Acres
Total Parkland Acreage 163 Acres
Total Open Space Acreage 1,143 Acres
Erie Lake 47.9 Acres
Thomas Reservoir 31.3 Acres
Total Reservoir Acreage 79.2 Acres