Mosquito Mitigation

The Town of Erie contracts with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) to provide the Town with mosquito management: larval (water treatments), Adult mosquito surveillance and trapping, and fogging.

Weekly Fogging

Vector Disease Control provides the Town of Erie with general information on weekly trap and fog activities within neighborhoods. If you wish to be notified directly, and in advance of a fogging, subscribe to fog notifications from VDCI.

After dusk (weather permitting) fogging will be conducted in the following neighborhoods/areas on June 17, 2021:

Vista Pointe
Canyon Creek/Sunwest
Erie Village/Kenosha Estates/Kenosha Farms
Arapahoe Ridge
Reliance Park path                                               

4Ds of Mosquito Mitigation    

Drain - remove standing water from your property    
Dress - wear long pants and sleeves to prevent mosquito bites
Defend - wear Environmental Protection Agency approved repellents
Dawn and Dusk - avoid being outside during peak mosquito activity

Vector Disease Control Services

  • Routine larval surveillance and control
  • Toll free 24 hour mosquito hotline (1-877-276-4306)
  • 24 hour response and resolution to mosquito annoyance complaints
  • Weekly trapping, identification and reporting of adult mosquito species 
  • Monthly reports of services performed, calls received, and actions taken
  • Weekly mosquito fog notifications and viewable schedules (Erie residents check both Boulder and Weld County tabs)