Mosquito Control

The Town of Erie contracted with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) to provide the Town's mosquito surveillance and control activities for the 2019 season. Information about the 2020 season will be available in the spring.

Vector Disease Control International services included:

  • Routine larval surveillance and control (larvicide application) of mapped and any newly identified potential larval development sites within Erie Town limits.
  • A toll free 24 hour mosquito hotline (1.888.774.2161) and a 24 hour response/resolution time to all mosquito annoyance complaints.
  • Weekly trapping, identification and reporting of adult mosquito species captured within permanent and additional 'floater' trap(s) as needed.
  • Monthly reports of services performed, calls received, and actions taken as well as a comprehensive annual report detailing the season's activities.

Fogging will be conducted Thursday, July 18, 2019 in these areas:

  • Vista Point Neighborhood
  • Canyon Creek/Sunwest
  • Erie Village/Kenosha Estates
  • Arapahoe Ridge
  • Reliance & Coal Creek Park path

CONTACT VDCI:  303.466.1892