Home Rule Charter

The Town of Erie residents voted to approve a Home Rule Charter in November 2023. This new governing document dictates how the Town will be governed and includes details about the makeup and elections for the Town Council, how administration of the Town will be managed, how advisory boards and commissions will run, and more.

Home Rule Charter & Resolution

The Home Rule Charter Commission was created by a vote of the people in November 2022 and was tasked with drafting a governance Charter for the Town of Erie. The Charter Commission had a responsibility by State statute to complete a proposed Charter within 180 days from their election. The Charter was sent to the Board of Trustees on April 25, 2023 for that body to move the Charter forward as a ballot measure.

Commission Members

The Commission consisted of nine members, all of whom had to be bona fide residents of the Town and were elected in the November 2022 Coordinated Election.

Ashraf Shaikh
Sarah Kornely
Chelsea Campbell
Brian O'Connor
Lisa Cunningham
Bob Braudes
Adam Haid
Candace Whitehouse
Ben Hemphill

Watch Commission Meetings

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