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  2. Third Party Inspections
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  4. CO Submittal

Architectural Review with the Planning Division must be completed prior to Master Plan submittal to the Building Division. If any changes are made to the plans after Architectural Review approval, the revisions must be submitted to and approved by the Planning Division prior to submittal to the Building Division.

Submittal shall be online through the Customer Self-Service Portal (paper submittals are not accepted).   One application submittal is required per model.   

  • Select permit type **Residential Only** Master Plan
  • You should not add a location – just hit next
  • Description should be “name of builder, model name or number”
  • Applicant should automatically be listed as Contact so just hit next
  • Complete General Info section
  • Attachments noted below must be attached and should be named as shown. Failure to attach required documents may result in the permit application being rejected.

The following documents must be uploaded to the Portal and named as shown:

  1. Stamped Structural Plans with details:
  2. Architectural Plans:
  3. Manual J, Manual D, and Manual S [Builder_model_manual J_D_S]
  4. Energy compliance documents (RESCheck or equal) 
    [Builder_model_energy compliance]