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Erie Trails

Erie’s recreational trail system provides a community-wide off-road network that connects major destinations / activity centers and provides opportunities for trail loops with areas of interest along the route.

The trail system includes:

  • Spine Trails – these consist of a wide concrete trail with an attached crusher fines trail, and whenever possible, are the primary off-road connection between neighborhoods and major activities centers and regional trails.
  • Local Trails – these concrete trails within neighborhoods form secondary connections to residences, schools, businesses and the spine trail.
  • Primitive Trails – these stabilized crusher fines trails are usually within open space or rural areas where frequency of use is generally lower and a more natural experience is desired.


The Town of Erie Parks and Recreation Open Space and Trails Master Plan (PDF) focuses on off-road recreational trails and the Town of Erie Transportation Master Plan (PDF) identifies on-road bike lanes for some road types. It is likely that some sections of sidewalks along roads may be considered part of the Town’s trail network as they serve to meet connectivity needs where other options are limited or non-existent.