Metro Districts

Definition of a Metro District

Special Districts are quasi-governmental entities with taxing authority that are used to finance necessary public infrastructure and services the Town cannot otherwise provide. A Metro District is a type of special district organized under Colorado's Special District Act (Title 32, Article 1, Colorado Revised Statutes). (View FAQs on Metro Districts) These are separate governmental entities not controlled by the Town, except to the extent the Board of Trustees has authority to approve the Service Plan under which a Special District operates. 

Metro Districts are different from an HOA in that the Metro District has taxing authority and provides infrastructure while an HOA is typically funded through fees which are used for maintenance of shared spaces within the neighborhood.

Review Policy for New Metro Districts

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022 the Board of Trustees approved a new policy for how they review and approve new Metro Districts. View the approved policy. The new policy improves transparency for new homebuyers and the ability for homebuyers to more easily join metro district governing boards. The policy does not impact already existing Metro Districts (see list below or click to view PDF) but will be used for future applications for Metro Districts. 

Metro Districts in Erie - June 2022

Metro District NameDate FormedOutstanding Bond/LoanMillsDOLA Link to More Info
232 DOLA
Brennen2016$3,064,38042.000Brennan DOLA
Colliers Hill/Daybreak/Bridgewater No. 12007$38,881,65157.220CH1 DOLA
Colliers Hill/Daybreak/Bridgewater No. 22007$24,126,00057.107CH2 DOLA
Colliers Hill/Daybreak/Bridgewater No. 32007$28,763,00055.664CH3 DOLA
Erie Commons Metro District 120044,470,53655.663EC1 DOLA
Erie Commons Metro District 22004$33,453,95855.220EC2 DOLA
Erie Commons Metro District 32019-37.000EC3 DOLA
Erie Corporate Center 12012-57.220ECC1 DOLA
Erie Corporate Center 22012$3,000,00057.220ECC2 DOLA
Erie Corporate Center 32019-37.000ECC3 DOLA
Erie Farm2012$15,503,12855.866Erie Farm DOLA
Erie Highlands Metro District No. 12015$8,682,57152.827EH1 DOLA
Erie Highlands Metro District No. 22015$17,144,00078.328EH2 DOLA
Erie Highlands Metro District No. 32015-20.000EH3 DOLA
Erie Highlands Metro District No. 42015-70.000EH4 DOLA
Erie Highlands Metro District No. 52015-20.000EH5 DOLA
Flatiron Meadows2012$22,878,00056.995FM DOLA
Four Corners2017-54.531FC DOLA
Jay Grove2018$8,470,00057.027Jay Grove DOLA
Lost Creek Farm2016$1,809.00044.000LCF DOLA
Morgan Hill Metro District 12008-57.220MH1 DOLA
Morgan Hill Metro District 22008-57.220
Morgan Hill Metro District 32008$25,880,00057.220
Nine Mile2019$17,775,0000.000Nine Mile DOLA
Parkdale Metro District 12017-65.032
Parkdale Metro District 22017-16,253PM2 DOLA
Parkdale Metro District 32017-15.000PM3 DOLA
Parkdale Community Authority2017$25,558,0000.000PC DOLA
Redtail Ranch2020-15.000Redtail DOLA
Rex Ranch2010$3,745,00056.138Rex Ranch DOLA
Shores on Plum Creek2021-50.000SPC DOLA
Spring Hill2021-57.512
Summerfield Metro District 12013-57.220SM1 DOLA
Summerfield Metro District 22013-57.220SM2 DOLA
Summerfield Metro District 32013-57.220SM3 DOLA
Sunset Parks2012-50.000SP DOLA
Vista Ridge2000$36,025,59047.000Vista Ridge DOLA
Westerly Metro District 12020-65.000Westerly1 DOLA
Westerly Metro District 22020-65.165Westerly2 DOLA
Westerly Metro District 32020-67.309Westerly3 DOLA
Westerly Metro District 42020-65.000Westerly4 DOLA
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