Specialty Fitness Programs

In addition to our drop-in group fitness classes, we also offer a variety of specialty fitness programs. These programs are an additional cost and are not covered with daily admission, an ECC membership, or qualifying Health Plan Membership Card.  

Beginner Bolder Boulder TrainingStrength Training for Runners Opens in new window

Ages 15+ | Strength training is a supplement to a runner’s roadwork by strengthening muscles and joints, improving race times and decreasing injury risk.

Survival of the Fittest Opens in new windowBuild Boot Camp

Ages 15+ | Join our progressive eight-week boot camp and build endurance, strength, and community! Led by a certified personal trainer, each class will build upon itself as you progressively get stronger. Start with exercise tests to track your progress throughout the eight weeks and finish with the same tests to see the results you’ve been working for! Open to all fitness levels!

Male personal training assisting an older female client with the cable machine. Opens in new windowFit for Life

Ages 55+ | Improve mobility, balance, increase bone mass, and work on functional movement with our Fit for Life class! Geared toward older active adults who are wanting to learn more about weightlifting and proper form, you will learn the circuit machines upstairs, the benefits of resistance training, and get the tools and knowledge to work out in the weight room on your own. 

Three teen girls using a foam roller on their hamstrings while sitting on indoor running track.  Opens in new windowRoll & Recover

Ages 15+ | Use a foam roller for self-myofascial release, a massage technique that focuses on the neural and fascial systems in the body. Apply gentle force to the knots in your muscles, release the tension and restore the body back to it’s optimal level of function. This class is great for athletes, runners, strength training, and folks just wanting to work some kinks out! Foam roller is included for those registering for the full session.

Indoor cycle class at the Erie Community Center.  Opens in new windowTheme Cycle Rides

Ages 15+ | On the last Thursday of each month, sign up for a different themed indoor cycling class! Open for all cycling levels. Get ready to dress up, get rowdy, and ride! Class includes prizes, giveaways and more!!

Teens practicing choreographed dance in a fitness studio.  Opens in new windowTikTok Dance Fitness

Ages 10-12 | A dance fi tness class for kids to today’s most popular moves. Learn 3-5 popular dances from TikTok and get a workout in in the process. With kid appropriate moves and music, break down the moves and add fun and games into the mix. 

Yoga Workshop Opens in new windowYoga in Everyday: A Workshop

Ages 15+ | Join Nupur in this yoga workshop series where you will explore different ways to integrate mental observances with the physical aspects of yoga. In addition to fine tuning your form and asana (physical practice), this will be an opportunity to also work on the alignment of your mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. 

Women Who Lift Opens in new windowWomen Who Lift

Ages 15+ | This six week female focused strength training program aims to empower, strengthen and educate women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. The focus will be on building your confidence in the weight room and injury prevention.