Custom Home: Before you build

 Below are some key items to consider before you design and build your custom home in Erie!

  • Please review the current building codes and building division design criteria page.
  • Some properties consist of multiple legal lots (Old Town area) and are required to be consolidated into one legal lot before application can be made for a building permit. Please contact the Planning Division for information on this process.
  • Driveway access and garage access shall come from the alley. When there is no alley present, street access is permitted. Existing street access shall be terminated when there is an alley present.
  • New builds are subject to single-family detached architectural provisions found in the  Development Design Standards booklet.
  • Building setbacks (principal and accessory) can be found in Chapter 4 of the Unified Development Code. See the Planning Division for specific PUD and PD setback provisions.
  • Architectural Review for compliance with Planning Division requirements will be completed as part of the building permit application review process.  

Please reach out to the Planning Division and set up a phone call or virtual meeting to discuss your custom home plans before you design.

Custom home flow