Community Center Room Rentals

Facility Request Form

An electronic Facility Rental Request Form is available online and can be submitted automatically to the Facility Rental Coordinator. Please save a copy of these forms for your records.

Alcoholic Beverages

To lawfully possess or consume fermented malt beverage in at a private event, this application must be completed and submitted to the Town Clerk's office for approval.  The permit, if issued, will be for a specific area of a public park, specific date and time. Possession and/or consumption of any alcohol other than fermented malt beverage at any public park is unlawful (including wine). Possession and/or consumption of any fermented malt beverage or alcohol by a person under 21 years of age is unlawful. This permit may be revoked at any time by an Erie Police Officer, due to failure to comply with any provisions of the Erie Municipal Code. Regulation of the Erie Parks and Recreation Department, and conditions of this permit or any other applicable law or regulation.

Facility Rental Permit Dates

  • Winter/Spring: January 1-April 30
    Permits Open: S November 8 / R November 1
  • Summer: May1 - August 31
    Permits Open: S March 8 / R March 1
  • Fall: September 1 - December 31
    Permits Open: S July 8 / R July 1
Available Rooms Banquet  Seating Boardroom Seating Classroom Seating Theater Seating
Lehigh Multi-Purpose Room (backstage) N/A 20 24 30
Lloyd Multi-Purpose Room (stage) 48 30 36 56
Briggs Multi-Purpose Room 64 50 48 84
Mitchell Multi-Purpose Room 56 45 42 72
Garfield Commons (all 4 Community Rooms) 136 72 72 200
Fitness Studio N/A N/A N/A 35

Available Room Set-Up Options: