Coal Creek Park

The redevelopment includes a new event lawn, entrance plaza, 2,000 sf restroom and picnic shelter building, an additional shade structure, two playground areas, additional parking with EV charging stations, splash pad, and a multi-use area that will house the Town's ice rink, complete with enclosures to house ice rink equipment.

Construction is now underway with a completion date of late spring 2023.  

Project Progress

December 2022 Progress

  • Contractors are putting the finishing touches on electrical, fiber, and plumbing equipment at the buildings on site as conditions allow. The electrical and fiber will enable other contractors to begin installing equipment for security cameras and WiFi access points. 
  • Plumbing contractors are finalizing locations for the potable and irrigation water sources to prepare for spring landscaping installation.

November 2022 Progress

  • The Coal Creek Park Community Building is about 60% complete.
  • Silva cells are a relatively new way to plant trees in paver spaces. In a typical install, trees are planted within a small area, backfilled, and pavers placed around them. This can cause heaving as the tree matures. Silva cells create a large “void” of soil for roots of trees several feet under the pavers that encourage roots to grow “down” vs. “out.”
  • The splash pad concrete has been poured and the plumbing system is installed. The building that will house the control system will start to go vertical in the next month.
  • Site amenities (benches, tables, etc.) have been delivered and will start getting installed as conditions allow. The playground equipment is scheduled for install this month.

Project Videos