WCR 5 Improvements

As a reminder, this project started in the summer of 2021 with utility work in and around the roadway. The next six phases of work will ultimately increase safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists and will improve traffic flow through the area.

Included in the plans for the WCR 5 Improvement Project is to:

  • Widen WCR 5 along the whole corridor
  • Extend turn lanes where possible
  • Add bike lanes along both sides of the roadway
  • Extend sidewalks for added pedestrian options
  • Add a traffic signal at WCR 5 and Flora View (north entrance to Soaring Heights)

Map of WCR5 Full-phasing Opens in new windowThis project is planned to help facilitate better traffic flow and create a safer pedestrian and bicyclist environment. The benefits to completing this project are many, but the Town does understand that the construction period for this project will create significant changes for parents, students, teachers, and community members who regularly commute through this area.

To mitigate the impacts as much as possible, the Town of Erie has been working with St. Vrain Valley School District, to work around major events such as graduation, and is working in collaboration with the Front Range Landfill to lessen large truck traffic through the area as much as possible during construction. The timeline for this project is unfortunately anticipated to last longer than the summer holidays and will either need to begin before the year ends or would extend into the beginning of the next school year. After discussing options with the impacted stakeholders, it was decided that beginning before the end of the 2021/2022 school, year was the best option. While the current schedule anticipated completing the work prior to the start of the 2022/2023 school year, there may be some schedule impacts due to weather, supply chain issues, or other unforeseen situations that adjust the overall timeline. If such impacts occur, the Town and the school district will communicate those changes to the public.

Any questions or concerns about the overall project plans can be emailed to construction@erieco.gov. Any questions or concerns about the construction work itself can be directed to the contractor, Waylon Morse at 303-763-0976. 

Phasing of Work

To complete the work in an expedited and safest way possible, the roadway will be full closed in both directions during each phase of work. This will require specific detours to access either Soaring Heights Elementary or Erie High School. If the contractors attempted to complete the work with single land closures, flaggers, or some other way of maintaining two-way traffic, the project would exponentially increase in length and introduce other possible safety concerns.

The Town of Erie will be approving each phase of the work as it is about to begin. This allows to flexibility and implementing best practices and addressing any lessons learned between phases. There are six planned phases for this project, all of which have draft timelines and plans that will be adjusted and approved as the project progresses.

Phase 2 | Current Phase:

Latest Update - May 4

  • Where: Full closure of WCR5 from the south side of Flora View Drive to the northern Erie High School entrance.
  • Planned timeline: May 6 – June 7
  • Work Planned: Removal of existing asphalt, cut/fill grading per project plans, placement of base course, concrete curb and gutter, adding medians, related utility piping for services, landscaping, asphalt paving, striping, and signage up.
  • Suggested detours: All school entrances will remain open. All traffic attempting to reach Soaring Heights northern entrance from the north will be open. 
    All traffic from the north attempting to reach any other entrance will need to detour on Horizon Ave. and Colliers Pkwy.  
    All traffic from the south attempting to reach any entrance except the northern Soaring Heights entrance will be open. To reach the northern Soaring Heights entrance from the south traffic will need to detour on Colliers Pkwy, Horizon Blvd, then Flora View Dr.

Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are urged to pay close attention to detours and traffic control signs. Please reduce speeds and, if possible, avoid the construction area altogether.

Phase 2 Map

Map of WCR5 Phase 2

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