2023 Turf Replacement Rebate Program

Looking to save money on your water bill, reduce outdoor water use and beautify your yard with Colorado native plants and landscaping? The Town of Erie would love to help! Our turf replacement rebate program offers up to $2,000 for qualified projects.

If you have an upcoming lawn project looking to install water efficient gardens or grass, you might qualify. Landscaping project options include replacing your lawn with water-wise gardens or low water use grasses and you can design your new low-water use landscape project yourself or work with a landscape professional. If your project covers at least 200sqft of maintained irrigated turf grass with low/no water wise plantings, you qualify!

Submit your landscape upgrade plans and rebate applications to turfreplacement@erieco.gov. Rebate funding is first come, first served and is contingent upon project completion and walkthrough by a Town of Erie rebate representative. Rebates will be available for eligible projects as funding allows.

Turf replacement requires that irrigation systems are upgraded/updated. Typically, the effectiveness of existing sprinklers will not be ideal for your new water-wise landscape.

Turf Replacement Rebate Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Artificial Turf is not eligible for this rebate.
  2. Only projects that are completed in the 2023 calendar year are eligible. No past projects will be rebate eligible.
  3. Qualifying projects must replace at least 200 square feet and up to 1,000 square feet of existing and maintained irrigated turf grass.
  4. Projects must receive water from the Town of Erie to be eligible.
  5. Projects over 1,000sqft do qualify for the rebate program, but rebates will only apply up to 1000sqft of design work.
  6. Project related turf grass must be replaced with low or no-water use plant beds or low-water use grasses.
  7. Rebates include $2 per square foot for low-water use garden plantings or $1 per square foot for low water use grasses. Rebates can be received as a check or as a credit to your water account. Rebate amount cannot exceed cost of project.
  8. Mulched beds cannot have more than 25% bare mulch when plants mature.
  9. Mulch can include shredded bark, bark chips, or rock.
  10. Low-water use grass can replace high water use grass.
  11. Projects must be submitted between Jan. 15, 2023 and Sept. 1, 2023. Projects must be completed and visited by a Town employee by Oct. 20, 2023.
  12. Project design must be approved by the Town of Erie before ground is broken and follow the design submittal rules noted in the following section. 
  13. Designs must meet the landscaping requirements set forth in Town of Erie's Unified Development Code. Irrigation system must be designed to meet the needs of the new landscape. Drip irrigation is recommended.
  14. Landscaping for new construction is allowed. Area must be not have been previously landscaped. Reach out to dking@erieco.gov for more information.
  15. Complete the online rebate application form once your 2023 project is completed and you are ready for a walkthrough by a Town of Erie employee.
  16. Keep and submit all your receipts from start to finish of your project. A site visit is required once the project is completed and before the rebate can be given. These visits can be scheduled by reaching out to turfreplacement@erieco.gov or by calling 303-926-2871.

Submitting A Design

All parts of your design must be submitted before you start your project. Not completing the submission will result in not receiving a rebate for your project. Here is an outline of the design submission:

  1. Aerial view of your property from an online mapping program.
  2. Pictures that show the area of viable turf (green grass, not crab grass).
  3. Proposed project area: 
    • Outline using tracing paper or a computer program the area of turf that will be replaced.
  4. Calculated square footage of the project area.
  5. Irrigation design if applicable. If you have an existing in-ground irrigation system, please note how you will be updating it to fit the needs of new landscape. In example, drip system retrofit kits, switching to hand-watering, etc.
  6. Plant list and design: 
    • Planting design must show estimated plant size at maturity and that the no more than 25% bare mulch requirement will be met. 
    • Plant list provides identification and quantities of plant types and materials.
  7. Proof of HOA approval (if applicable).
  8. Submit the design! Designs should be submitted to turfreplacement@erieco.gov or can be dropped off at Town Hall (645 Holbrook Street).

Please direct any questions to Dylan King, Water Conservation Technician by emailing dking@erieco.gov or by calling 303-926-2871

Resource List

  1. Town of Erie Xeriscaping Resources
  2. Colorado State University Extension
  3. Waterwise Yards Inspiration
  4. Water-wise plants can be purchased at www.PlantSelect.org or www.ResourceCentral.org.
  5. Town of Erie Water-Wise Landscaping Manual
  6. Information on disposing of removed turf
  7. Town of Erie ROW Permit (required for work in the tree lawn)

Here are a just a few ideas for low-water use grasses, there are many other options.

    • Turf Type Tall Fescue
    • Sheep, Blue and Hard Fine Fescues
    • Tahoma 31 Bermuda Grass
    • Texas Hybrid Bluegrass
    • Dog Tuff Grass

Resource Central Lawn Removal

The Town of Erie has partnered with Resource Central to help you transform your thirsty lawn into a beautiful, low-water landscape! Check out the new Lawn Replacement Program for discounts when you remove a section of lawn. Jump-start your water saving landscape project by hiring Resource Central to physically remove and compost a section of your lawn for as little as $1.00 per square foot. They’ll  help get you one step closer to planting the low-water garden you’ve always dreamed of! Find more information and enroll today at online or by calling 303-999-3820 ext. 221.