RFQ for I-25 Erie Gateway


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The Town of Erie, Colorado (the “Town”) is seeking statements of qualifications from interested developers (or development teams) with the appropriate expertise and experience to participate with the Town in the new development of the I-25 Erie Gateway site (the “Site”), generally consisting of approximately 1,100 total developable acres, positioned at the northwest quadrant of I-25 and Erie Parkway, in the Town of Erie, Weld County, Colorado.

The I-25 Erie Gateway will serve as the community portal for Erie residents, work commuters and daytime visitors, intended to be developed as a vibrant, sustainable, urban, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development (“TOD”).  

Of the 1,100 total acres:

  • 250 acres is owned by the Town of Erie at the immediate northwest corner of I-25 and Erie Parkway;
  • 600 acres is owned by Community Development Group (“CDG”), immediately north of the Town’s property, north of WCR-10; and,
  • 13 privately-owned parcels along County Road 7 represent an additional 250 acres on the western boundary of the Site. These parcels are located inside the overall project Site but have not been involved in any discussions regarding new development or redevelopment opportunities at this location.

Collectively, these groups represent the “Owners” of property in this RFQ. The Town may consider responses for the development of the entire Site, or just those portions owned by the Town and/or CDG. Respondents may consider including other privately-owned property in surrounding areas, outside of the immediate Site boundary. The Site is shown in greater detail in the RFQ.

This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process provides an opportunity for interested developers to demonstrate their interest, experience, capacity, and vision for the development of the site, and reflects a desired competitive bidding process for potential disposition of Town-owned property in compliance with C.R.S. §31-15-713.

Specifically, the Town is seeking responses from experienced developers (and development teams) willing to enter a public-private partnership in furtherance with the principles and in accordance with the procedures outlined in this RFQ. Prospective development partners (referred to herein as “Developers”) may submit information regarding their development expertise, experience, capacity, and vision for this important development project.

RFQ responses are due by 3:00 pm, on December 30, 2021.

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