Superhero Division

Did you know that the Erie Police Department has a Superhero’s Division? That's right - and it's made of kids who pay it forward to others and help make our community a better place! If you would like to become an Erie Police Department Superhero you can start today by helping others! Youth ages 5-17 are invited to:

  • Keep track of your activities and please take pictures! 
  • Once you have completed your superhero task(s), complete the superhero nomination. Bonus points for submitting photographs of the activity/event, and a picture of you holding a sign saying “#EPDSuperheroChallenge”. 

You will be entered for a chance to win a special Superhero t-shirt, a goodie bag, an invite to a VIP Superhero party hosted by Erie Police Department, and be recognized on the Erie Police Department’s social media.

Please see the list below for ideas on what you can do around your community. You would be performing these tasks for FREE to anyone who is elderly, disabled, a veteran, or anyone who truly needs the help.

  • Mow someone’s lawn  
  • Shovel someone’s sidewalks
  • Racking Leave’s
  • Cook a meal and deliver it to someone in need
  • Organize and execute a neighborhood trash cleanup day
  • Help someone in need with yard work
  • Host a car wash and donate any earnings to a local charity
  • Make and deliver get well cards to kids at children’s hospital
  • Make and deliver cards to a local nursing home or elderly residence complex
  • Hold a food drive for a local food bank
  • Volunteer 5+ hours at a local animal shelter
  • Helping someone carry in groceries
  • Picking up and deliver a meal for someone
  • Pet sitting while someone is away
  • Getting the mail for someone
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