Roof Replacement - Residential

Roof inspections are completed by drone. By applying for a roofing permit you are consenting to inspection by drone.

Note for Homeowners with Solar

When completing a re-roof for your home with solar panels, a Re-Attach Solar Permit will be needed to complete the project. This permit will need to be submitted by either a certified solar company or licensed electrical contractor. 

  1. Submittal Requirements
  2. Required Inspections
  3. Helpful Information
  1. Completed application
    • Be sure to note in the description the type of roofing to be installed and the number of squares to be installed
  2. Homeowner affidavit if the homeowner/occupant proposes to complete the work themselves (must own and occupy the property as primary residence to qualify)

A permit is required when more than one square of roof covering is to be replaced over the aggregate area of the roof. Every slope where roof covering is to be replaced shall be replaced in its entirety. The interface of different types of roof coverings shall only occur at a ridge, hip, or open valley. A roof covering replacement requiring a permit shall comply with the ventilation requirements of Section R806 as applicable. (Section R908)

Temporary Residential Reroof Permit & Inspection Process

Nov. 7, 2023 - Due to the hailstorm in May 2023 that impacted numerous homes within the Town of Erie, the Building Division timeline to process permits and inspection requests for Residential Re-roofs have increased dramatically.  

To address this lengthened timeline, the following temporary re-roof inspection options are in place immediately and will be the only accepted method for a Re-roof Permit:

  1. Contractor Letter Option | Submit a signed and dated letter on contractor letterhead indicating, at minimum, the permit number, street address, date(s) of installation, type of roof covering and underlayment materials installed, eave and rake drip edge, and attic ventilation. This letter should be created after completion of the re-roof work. 

    The letter shall include the statement, “Materials and method of application complies with Town of Erie adopted 2015 and/or 2021 International Residential Code (IRC) Sections R908 & R806 as well as manufacture installation instructions.”     
  2. Video Submittal Option | Submittal of a video by email attachment, or through a file sharing service/application, to the email address for review. Videos shall follow and clearly show all required items in accordance with the checklist below.      
  3. Inspection Report Option | Submittal of an Inspection Report from third-party inspector secured and compensated by the owner or contractor. The third-party inspector will need to be pre-approved by the Town before they complete their inspection or inspection report. Pre-approval can be completed by submitting the third-party inspector’s resume, applicable certifications, remote pilot certificate (if inspection to be completed by drone), and inspection report sample.

Re-roof permit applications shall be processed and ready for payment/issuance within approximately 3 business days from date of submittal. (Processing times are estimations, and subject to change.

Roofs with solar panels shall submit a Solar Re-installation Permit but are permitted to re-install solar panels prior to the final roof inspection. 

Please contact the Building Division via email at if you need clarification or have questions. 

Video Checklist

On a temporary basis, or until notified otherwise, a contractor may submit a video of a completed residential reroof for review and acceptance by the Town of Erie Building Division. Videos shall be submitted via email to by attachment, or a file sharing service/application with the subject line of: “Reroof video [address] [permit number]”. 

To be accepted, a video shall contain only one permit (each permit shall be submitted separately). The video shall clearly show all required items in accordance with the following:

  1. Start with showing Address & Street
  2. Drip Edge at both eaves and rakes
  3. Peaks and Valleys
  4. Step flashing & kick outs
  5. Adequate attic ventilation – if unventilated attic, provide photos of attic interior
  6. All roof penetrations - show that roof jacks are present and not cut too short
  7. Flues
    • Must be supported if over 6’ tall
    • If direct vent appliances that vent out the side of the house and not the roof, either indicate this in email text or show location on video
    • If home is all electric, please indicate this in email text
  8. Crickets and saddles
  9. Any curbs required, such as around sky lights
  10. Exposed nail sealing
  11. Minimum 4” offset between courses of shingles
  12. Existing solar connection (if applicable)

Videos will be reviewed in order of receipt and as quickly as possible. A final inspection notification will be forwarded to the email address associated with the contractor listed on the permit.