Custom Homes

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  2. Permit Workflow
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  4. town inspections
  5. CO submittal

For CUSTOM HOMES, please apply for new permits using the “apply” function on the Customer Self-Service Portal.

Please contact the Planning Division prior to designing your home to ensure you are familiar with the access, orientation, and architectural standards that apply to your location. Review the Development Design Standards booklet and the Unified Development Code.

For your Application

You will need to indicate applicant, general contractor, subcontractor, and parcel owner on your application. When one person/company fits more than one role, you need to enter them multiple times and assign to each role.

Please upload the following documents on the self-Service portal using the naming system: Site address document name (Examples: 1452 Jones St permit application or 1234 Erie Ave plot plan)

  • Building permit application – signed by General Contractor with licensed sub-contractors listed 
  • Receipt for payment - Fair Contribution for Public School from the designated school district
  • Stamped soils test - report by a Colorado Engineering Firm 
  • Site specific grading plan - in conformance with the overall development final grading plan which must include:
    • Contours
    • Sufficient elevation points
    • Drainage plan
    • Lot grading plan for new construction
  • Plot Plan / Site Plan - which must include:
    • Setbacks
    • Easements
    • Rights-of-way
  • Architectural Plan
  • Engineer Stamped Foundation Plan - based on soils report
  • Engineer stamped framing plans
  • HVAC Manuals J, D, and S
  • Energy Code Compliance Document (such as REScheck)
  • Stormwater permit and Erosion Control Plan (if applicable)
  • Floodplain Development Permit (if applicable)
  • On-site Wastewater System (septic system) permit - from county health department if property is not served by Town sewer
  • Homeowner Association (HOA) approval (if applicable)

Submittal must be complete in order to be added to the queue for review. Plans shall be designed to currently adopted codes and current design criteria.