Residential Basement Finish

  1. Submittal Requirements
  2. Required inspections
  3. helpful information
  1. Completed application (include contractors or list homeowner if applicable) 
  2. Floor plan
    1. Must be to scale and have dimensions
    2. Must show entire footprint of basement including areas that are already finished or that are proposed to remain unfinished
    3. Must include room labels (bedroom, rec room, stairs, etc)
  3. Installation manual showing required clearances for any proposed fireplaces or other appliances.
  4. Homeowner affidavit if the homeowner/occupant proposes to complete any of the work themselves (must own and occupy the property as primary residence to qualify)



  • Full kitchens are not permitted unless the space meets all UDC requirements for an accessory dwelling unit and meets all building code requirements for separate dwelling units.
  • Engineering may be required:
    1. if any new openings are proposed in the exterior walls
    2. if any mono-posts or other supports are proposed to be moved or removed
    3. if any interior walls are proposed to be moved or removed