Resources for HOAs

The Town of Erie recognizes the ever-changing landscape of HOA management. It is our goal to effectively communicate and work side-by-side with every HOA within Erie to ensure the wellbeing of our community and the people who call Erie home.    

This page is intended for HOA leadership and/or management. Should you have questions or would like to meet with staff to review the materials, please email

An HOA Directory is also available. Please register your HOA or update the contact information as needed. 

  1. Contact the Town
  2. HOA Regulations
  3. Rentals & Permits
  4. Maps & Programs

Airport Questions

  • 303-664-0633

Building & Planning

Development Maps, Construction Plans, Building Permits, Certificates of Occupancy, Zoning Questions, As-build Plans 

  • 303-926-2770

Engineering (Sign Permits)

  • 303-926-2897

Ordinance Questions

Noise Questions, Weed/Maintenance Questions, Weight Restrictions:

  • Police Dispatch: 303-441-4444


Trees, Trails, Open Space, Park Irrigation:

  • 303-926-2887

Public Works

Irrigation, Water Taps, Street Sweeping, Traffic Signals Signs, Streets, Meters, Asphalt, Potholes, Dead Animals in Street, Work in Road (WOR) Permit, Locate Water, Sewer, Storm Cross Connect aka Backflow:

  • 303-926-2870

Storm Water & Flood Zones

  • 303-926-2897

Town Clerk

Cemetery Questions, Ballot/Voting Information, Records Requests (Construction Documents, Bid Documents, etc.):

  • 303-926-2730

Water Treatment Facility

  • 303-926-2897