Temporary Exterior Structures


The Town of Erie created a temporary program to allow restaurants to operate in outdoor patios adjacent to their businesses known as the 'Outdoor Restaurant Expansion'. As we approach the months with more inclement weather, the Town is identifying ways in which restaurants can safely continue operations in outdoor spaces, while still aligning with the state's public health orders and providing physical distancing. Temporary Exterior Structures shall be permitted in the town upon completing the associated miscellaneous permits. 

Structure Building Code Components

  1. Tent Structures
  2. Electrical
  3. Heating

Tent structures greater than 120 square feet and up to 400 square feet require a temporary structure/use permit from the Building Division allowing a tent to be erected for up to 180 days (6 months).  Submittal of a completed miscellaneous permit application is required along with a detailed site plan (drawn to scale) indicating the location of the temporary structure with information detailing the means of securement (tie-down), seating arrangement and capacity (occupant load), means of egress, location and type of heating and any electrical equipment/appliances.  

Inspection of temporary tent structures and associated electrical work require inspections by the Building Division and Mountain View Fire Protection District.

Structure Fire Code Components

The Mountain View Fire Rescue Department also requires permits for all relevant 2015 International Fire Code sections (105-operational permit, 603-Fuel Fired Appliances, 3103 & 3104-Temporary Tents. The permit will require a complete site plan, and the intended use of walls, exit doors, lighting and emergency lighting. Visit www.mvfpd.org to submit the applicable International Fire Code permits.

Submit Permit Application

Restaurants interested in pursuing temporary exterior structures should submit the miscellaneous permit application. Fees TBD. Contact the Deputy Chief Building Official for assistance completing the permit application. 


Contact the Building Division at 303-926-2780 for technical building and fire code related inquires.
Contact the Deputy Chief Building Official for assistance completing the permit application.
Contact Economic Development for other inquiries.