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In communities across America and beyond, important conversations, events, and demonstrations are taking place calling for social justice and equity. The Board of Trustee’s commitment is to go beyond a written statement of support. As a result, several Community Conversations are being facilitated here in Erie to provide needed resources and training to help our constituents, as leaders, champions, and sources of strength in our community.

Below are topics, speakers and panelists, and events to continue the community conversation to stop racial injustice, and to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. For more information email

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  1. Speaker Series: Talking to Children About Race
  2. Response to George Floyd's Death
  3. How to be Inclusive
  4. Bullying

Speaker Series: Talking to Children About Race

The NAACP Boulder County Branch is now partnering with the Town of Erie and the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts to offer the Talking to Children About Race speaker series to all schools within the districts. 

Children are never too young to discuss race and racism, and ongoing dialogue is crucial to their learning and understanding of racial equity. Dr. Rosemarie Allen will teach parents, caregivers, educators, and community members the language necessary to have age-appropriate conversations about race. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of implicit bias and gain the language needed to begin and continue ongoing dialogues about race and racism with children. 

This training will engage participants in discussions related to key social justice issues that impact how we teach, serve, and interact with others. Participants will gain an understanding of concepts that pose as barriers to addressing racial equity, such as implicit bias and how it impacts students, communities, and schools; color-blind and culture-blind ideology; and White Space. 

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English Speaker Series Flyer
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Participation Links
March 15 Middle School
March 17 High School

Watch Live Links


March 1 PreschoolYouTubeZoom (transcript and chat)
March 2 ElementaryYouTubeZoom (transcript and chat)
March 15 Middle

March 17 High School

Dr. Rosemarie Allen

Anti Racism Education Resources
Books geared to children in preschool, elementary, middle and high schools, podcasts, articles, and social media for parents, and helpful links for community members and educators available on the Anti Racism Resources Google Document provided in coordination with the Speaker Series partners.