Community Conversations

In communities across America and beyond, important conversations, events, and demonstrations are taking place calling for social justice and equity. The Board of Trustee’s commitment is to go beyond a written statement of support. As a result, several Community Conversations are being facilitated here in Erie to provide needed resources and training to help our constituents, as leaders, champions, and sources of strength in our community.

Below are topics, speakers and panelists, and events to continue the community conversation to stop racial injustice, and to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. For more information email

  1. Response to George Floyd's Death
  2. How to be Inclusive
  3. Bullying

Community Conversation  - Response to George Floyd's Death

Community ConversationsOn June 11, 2020 the Town hosted a virtual Community Conversation moderated by Town resident Justin Brooks in response to George Floyd’s death and the resulting public outcry around the world for action to prevent similar injustices. 

That conversation provided an opportunity for Town residents to share their perspectives, questions and suggestions. The following Saturday, June 13, over 400 people, including the entire Board of Trustees, Police Chief Stewart and Town Administrator Malcolm Fleming participated in the Being Better Neighbors March organized by Justin Brooks and other community members. Following those events, the Board has taken the following actions:

  • During the Board’s June 16 Study Session, the Board discussed what actions the Town should take to stop racial injustice and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Erie, and to continue the Community Conversation.
  • Among the actions the Board agreed to take was to form a Community Task Force to review the Erie Police Department’s Directives and Protocols (the operational level policies approved by the Police Chief to guide the Department’s staff in their work). On June 26th the Town started advertising for volunteers for the Task Force; on August 11th the Board appointed 9 members to the Task Force; and on August 13 the Task Force held its first meeting.
  • The Board also agreed to form a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Board, and on August 10th, the Town began soliciting applications for volunteers to serve on that Advisory Board. The deadline for applications was Friday, August 21. The Board of Trustees will appoint the founding Advisory Board members in September.