Annual Poetry Contest

Poetry ContestWe loved hearing about ’Summer’ from Erie youth. We hope you enjoy reading these winning poems. Special thanks to the contest sponsor: Vector Disease Control, International, for helping to make Erie’s summer enjoyable!

2020 Theme: What are your favorite things about Summer in Erie? What activities do you enjoy outside? What creatures do you see during summertime? Make up a wonderful story and tell it in a haiku, sonnet, acrostic, limerick, ode, or free verse!

Braeden, 5th Grade, Aspen RidgeCaitlin, 3rd Grade, HomeschoolOlivia, 4th Grade, Erie Elementary
Spring is here!
The snow is gone!
What’s that green stuff?
It’s our lawn!

Our coats and hats
We’ve tossed aside!
Let’s grab our bikes
And take a ride!

We’ll play some catch!
And run from bees!
We’ll play some sports
And skin our knees! 

Today’s the day
We’ll have some fun!
See you later,
I gotta run!

Summer is rainy

Summer brings hot air balloons

Summer has rainbows

Summer is fun and never a bummer...

And in Erie every Summer gets even funner.