Street Maintenance

Town of Erie Street Improvements and Maintenance

Street Maintenance is responsible for maintaining all paved and unpaved roads in the Town. Road maintenance activities budgeted in this Division include road blading, street sweeping, snow removal, asphalt maintenance, signing and marking, shoulder work, roadway clean up, and concrete work.

The Town of Erie uses a variety of approaches to extend the service life of a road. In addition to pothole filling and patching the Town uses hot chip seal, crack fill, slurry seal, double chip seal, mill, overlay and chip seal.

Erie Street Stats

  • 138.5 miles of streets in Erie
  • 15 miles of streets aged above their remaining service life (15 years): County Line, Erie Parkway, Cheeseman, Vista Parkway, Holbrook, Briggs Street
  • In 2019 $1.5 million was spent on street overlay projects and $.5 million on street reconstruction projects 
  • Following a 2020 Street Improvement Project the annual cost of street maintenance is anywhere from $1 - $2 million.

Erie Streets Improvement Plan

The Town of Erie Streets Improvement Plan for 2020 is underway with efforts to hot chip seal streets with 2-14 remaining service lives. Once complete consideration will be made to remedy arterials and higher bike traffic roadways with mill and overlay treatments. To learn more view the 'Streets Improvements Presentation' from June of 2019.