Historic Organizations

Organizations in Erie dedicated to preserving Erie History

The Town of Erie is home to three groups that contribute to the preservation of the history of Erie. The three groups are:

  • Historic Preservation Advisory Board
  • Erie Historical Society
  • Erie Heritage Foundation

Each of these organizations is committed to act in cooperation with the others, serve as a resource to the community and ensure interested parties connect to the appropriate organization. The Town of Erie supports each of these organizations individually and is committed to providing the assistance needed to facilitate continued cooperation. As such, the Town recognizes these organizations as valuable resources in the Erie Community. 

Historic Preservation Advisory Board

This Board is an appointed body and serves in an advisory capacity to the Town of Erie Board of Trustees.

Primary Goals & Objectives:

  • Facilitate surveys on historically significant properties
  • Land marking of historically significant properties
  • End goal of historical area/neighborhood within the Town of Erie

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Erie Historical Society

Founded in 1984 to preserve Erie, Colorado's history, the Erie Historical Society honors those hard-working pioneers who mined the coal, worked the fields, and ran the railroads, as well as the pioneer women who raised the families and educated the children.

Primary Goals & Objectives:

  • Celebrate, educate and preserve the History of Erie
  • Wise Homestead and Museum
  • Programs and events: History Day Educational Program for Erie 3rd & 8th grade students, local history series, Erie Biscuit Day, A Homestead Christmas, Lunch in the Park, Erie newspaper digitization project.

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Erie Heritage Foundation

Founded in 2019 the group was inspired by a report commissioned by Historic Preservation Advisory Board is currently organizing and building.

Primary Goals & Objectives:

  • Create physical museum for the Erie community
  • Complement to Erie Historical Society
  • Larger focus on history of community
  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Railroad
  • Catalog, gather and preserve artifacts of the Erie community

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