Downtown Parking

Downtown Parking Traffic Study

Downtown Parking Circulation PlanThe Town wants to make sure there is the right amount of parking and that we plan all transportation improvements—including a potential bridge from Colliers Hill into Downtown—and mobility options for getting to, around, and from Downtown Erie in a way that is safe, convenient, and compatible with the character of Downtown.

Presentations and Stakeholder Meetings

Kimley-Horn, the planning and design engineering consultants for the Downtown Parking Traffic Study, will present their final recommendations and findings to the Board on Tuesday, October 8. The general Board of Trustees meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. The final presentation is expected to begin towards the beginning of the board meeting.

If you cannot make the presentation you are invited to watch the meeting off-site, or view the recording of the meeting here. The presentation slides are downloadable here.

Additional Resources

Watch the Initial Key Findings and Recommendations Presentation to the Board
Download the Initial Key Findings Presentation to the Board
Downtown Parking Preliminary Analysis PowerPoint (PDF)
Existing Land Uses and Parking (PDF)
Downtown Parking and Circulation Plan (PDF)
Coal Creek Park Concept (PDF)