Business Licenses

General Business & Home Occupation Licenses

Erie Municipal Code requires anyone* engaged in business within the Town shall be licensed by the Town.

There are two types of business licenses:

  • General Business Licenses: Covers wholesale, retail, service, and manufacturing type businesses
  • Home Occupations: Covers any home based wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or day care business that employees only family members residing on site

All businesses must have Community Development approval and may require a site visit and inspection by Town of Erie building inspectors.

Note: Commercial businesses must obtain a certificate of occupancy inspection prior to opening.


*Exemptions include the operation of any business exempt by federal or state law, newsboys, contractors/subcontractors/tradesman licensed through a contractors license, or an employee (nanny, telecommuter). Businesses located outside the Town are required to obtain a business license if selling taxable services to Erie residents, soliciting through sales or agent representatives in Erie, performing service work under maintenance agreements, leasing equipment to an Erie resident or business; or installing tangible goods in Erie.