Four Corners

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In 2015, the Town approved the Four Corners Urban Renewal Area Plan inclusive of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) creating the opportunity to use net new tax revenues generated by this project to help finance some related improvements.

The Four Corners, a mixed-use community, that consists of approximately 46-acres of prime real-estate located within the core area of the town. The commercially zoned property will consist of roughly 64,000 square feet of "Class A" space at completion, and will quickly become the premier retail center within the town of Erie. The project incorporates a variety of product types including in-line retail/restaurant space, drive-thru opportunities, bank, a specialty grocer and the "Corner House." The Corner House is a Foundry Builders designed, multi-tenant concept, embracing the growing popularity and consumer demand for urban markets. The entire community will consist of 64 premium apartment homes, 132 luxurious condominiums, 45 Boulder Creek patio homes, and 72 Millennial Homes which incorporate secondary, attached dwelling units in the rear of the lot. The wide array of product types will attract a diverse demographic and quality attracting home-buyers with substantial disposable income.