Erie Energy Action Plan 2.0

Together, Erie's 1st Energy Action Plan was 100% accomplished. 

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The Town of Erie developed its first Energy Action Plan in 2018 to help institute a series of actions and activities that will lower energy use community-wide and engage residents and businesses to take advantage of utility rebates that save resources. From April 2018 through September 2019, Erie successfully implemented the strategies outlined. By the end of 2020, Erie achieved or vastly exceeded the goals established in the 2018 Energy Action Plan. The impact resulted in offsetting 1.5 GWh of electricity and saving $137,000 community-wide. 

The Town decided to create a Energy Action Plan 2.0 to which focuses on renewable energy adoption and support for our Green Business & HOA Certification Program. Learn more below!

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Our Energy Vision

The Town of Erie is an engaged community that creates awareness, builds partnerships, and invests in energy strategies that responsibly pursue conservation, renewable energy generation, innovation, equity, and economic prosperity for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our Goal

As evidenced from the first Energy Action Plan success, the Town of Erie has demonstrated emerging leadership in energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption. Given this progress, myriad energy programs, projects, and burgeoning opportunities, Erie continues to identify and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy values across multiple departments and community wide.

The two objectives that were chosen as the focus on this Energy Action Plan 2.0 simultaneously help achieve goals in the 2019 Sustainability Plan as well as take advantage of the technical support available through the Partners in Energy program. The two goals included in the Energy Action Plan 2.0 are:

1. Creating and disseminating a Renewable Energy Campaign.

2. Support the Green Business & HOA Certification Program with energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

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