Town Forester Services

Town of Erie Forestry personnel manage and maintain the health, structure, and appearance of trees located on Town-owned and maintained properties. Forestry personnel provides the following services:

  • Perform tree selection and planting, removal, watering, fertilization, and preservation operations.
  • Diagnose, monitor, and treat insect and disease problems.
  • Perform pruning regimen including structural pruning; hazard abatement; restoration; and crown cleaning, thinning, raising, and reduction.
  • Conduct and document routine tree risk assessments.
  • Maintain tree inventory program.
  • Coordinate public outreach efforts including consultation services to Home Owners Associations, and developers; develop and instruct educational seminars and demonstrations; organize and plan community planting events, special events, and Arbor Day festivities.
  • Coordinate and supervise tree contractors to ensure adherence to town standards and specifications.
  • Review development landscape plans.
  • Enforce town municipal code for tree related violations.
  • Administer arborist licensing and tree work permits.
  • Coordinate with Town of Erie Tree Board to meet urban forestry needs.