Smart Meters

EyeOn WaterThe Town of Erie Department of Public Works began replacing residential water meters with 'Smart Meters' in 2016. These meters are a tool to help customers reduce water waste and increase efficiency. Smart Meters and the EyeOnWater app connect customers to their water use on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. This personalized dashboard can be accessed on a desktop of smartphone. The Town is providing a higher level of sophistication and customer service by efficiently managing meter readings.

Customer Benefits

  • Access to water consumption data, activity, and control
  • Monitor usage to manage water budget
  • Leak detection alerts via email and/or text
  • View results of water conservation efforts within 24 hours


All new homes are equipped with Smart Meters. In spring of 2021, more than 60% of all residential meter upgrades have been completed. By 2026, the Town anticipates that 100% of all residential meters will be replaced. The older remote-read meters (AMR) are gradually being replaced with the new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters beginning in 2016. If your meter is scheduled to be replaced, you can expect little interruption to service. Town staff will knock on your door to inform you that your water will be shut-off for approximately 10-15 minutes. If you are home and that timeframe does not work, they will coordinate a time that does.

Once the meter has been installed, a door hanger will be left on your front door with information on how to create an account to view your water usage and how to download the app. Your meter will operate as normal with or without creating an EyeOnWater account and/or downloading the app, however, the Town strongly encourages you to learn how you are using your water and to be most efficient with our most precious resource.

Create an EyeOnWater Account

The EyeOnWater consumer engagement tools provide utility customers with access to their consumption data, allowing them to view their usage activity and gain a greater understanding and control of the water they consume.

Create an Account
Visit the EyeOnWater Signup page and enter your service area zip code (80516) and the full utility bill account number. Your account number is available on your most recent statement. Please call 303-926-2700 if you cannot locate it. Enter your email address and create/confirm a password. You will receive a confirmation email from BEACON. You must verify your email address by clicking on this link.

Download the App
Search for 'Eye on Water' free app. Login, or create an account with a valid email address, and account ID (###-#####-##).

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