Nine Mile URA Timeline

Nine Mile URA Timeline

September 2020 - BoT and TOEURA vote to approve final measures for the land transfer to Evergreen Development. Subsequently, Lowes formally closed on their anchor pad site. 

September 2019 – Board, TOEURA & Lafayette to Approve Updated Public-Private Partnership for Development of Nine Mile corner

August 2019 – Board & TOEURA to vote on 5th Amendment to the Development Agreement with Evergreen Development

July 2019 – Lowe’s commits to the Nine Mile site

June 2019Global Settlement reached with City of Lafayette to Commence Development on Nine Mile site

March 2016 - Board Approves Public Private Partnership for Development of Nine Mile corner

January 2016 - Board Approves Nine Mile Corner Joint Development Agreement Outline

November 2015 – Nine Mile corner neighborhood meeting: "Backyard Buffer" 

October 2015 – Highway 287 project concept announced: Nine Mile CornerView Invitation Mailed to Adjacent Property Owners in Erie and Lafayette (PDF).

September 2015  Highway 287 Urban Renewal Plan (PDF) Approved and Highway 287 Development Partner Selected (PDF)

July 2015  Request for Qualifications issued for Highway 287 Development Partner (PDF)

February 2012 – TOEURA Survey Conditions approved 

October 2011Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority (TOEURA) established.

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