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Oil and gas is a top priority in the Town of Erie. We continue to work together and establish those priorities with Town staff, residents, legal teams, experts and professionals, other municipalities, the State, and the oil and gas industry as we protect Erie’s health and safety.

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Aug. 24, 2021 Air Monitoring Network Installation
The Town of Erie is pleased to announce the deployment of 10 air quality monitoring stations operated by Ajax Analytics and Colorado State University (CSU). The stations were deployed in phases between Aug. 4 and Aug. 17 near oil and gas well pads and in adjacent neighborhoods as part of the Town’s Air Quality Monitoring Program. View a map of monitoring locations.

June 21, 2021 Oil & Gas Setbacks Listening Session
The Town held a listening session for the public to discuss options for proposed oil and gas site setbacks.

Watch the recorded session.

Feb. 11, 2021 Oil & Gas Q&A /Listening Session
The Town hosted a Question & Answer/Listening Session in partnership with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and the Weld County Oil and Gas Energy Department. The Mae J site is located east of Colliers Boulevard and north of Weld County Road 10.

    Watch the Q&A/Listening Session
    - View the news release
    - Read the questions and answers

Materials shared by Occidental (the Mae J Well Site Operator):

    -  Occidental Fact Sheet
    -  Yellowhammer and Papa Jo well sites notice

Reciprocal Setbacks

The following options for setbacks were created to allow Erie to develop new residential, commercial, or other property for human occupancy consistent with Town goals, plans, policies, and regulations while protecting occupants from negative impacts to public health, safety, and welfare from existing oil and gas well sites. 

The options are based on direction from the Board of Trustees to strengthen the Town’s existing 350 foot setback from operating wells and 25 feet from pipelines and plugged and abandoned wells, staff proposes the Board enact an ordinance that amends the Unified Development Code (UDC) to require property developers to establish setbacks and comply with other measures to protect occupants of the development from impacts of existing surface and subsurface oil and gas facilities. The ordinance could take three alternative approaches detailed below or in the prepared document.

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Any proposed development within 2,000ft of existing oil and gas well sites shall include notice in any purchase and sale agreement for lots within the property providing notice that the property is within 2,000ft of one or more existing oil and gas well sites and providing a vicinity map showing the location of the property and the oil and gas well sites. 

  • Require developers proposing to develop land in Erie within 2,000 feet of existing oil and gas well sites or pipelines to:
    • Identify all existing oil and gas surface and subsurface facilities within 2,000 feet of the property on the development application.        
    • Locate all lot lines for lots to be used for occupied structures no less than 350 feet from existing oil and gas well sites and 25 feet from oil and gas pipelines.  
    • Include a plat note identifying lots that are within 2,000 feet of existing oil and gas well sites or pipelines (to be recorded with clerk and recorder). The plat note shall identify by location, ownership etc. each discrete oil and gas site.
    • Include a plat note that notice shall be provided by seller to all prospective purchasers and lessees at least 10 days before closing of the location of any existing oil and gas well sites or pipelines within 2,000 feet of existing oil and gas well sites or pipelines.