The Boneyard at Reliance Park

The Boneyard at Reliance park is a 7.9 acre dog park located at 900 Weld County Road 1.5 in Erie, Colorado. The park is open daily sunrise to sunset.

The Boneyard at Reliance Park will be closed for Tails & Ales preparation on Saturday, Sept. 23.

The public is welcome to attend the FREE EVENT at the park from 3:30-6:30 p.m. However, the park will otherwise remain closed on Saturday for event preparation, event, and event clean up. The park will reopen with regular hours on Sunday, Sept, 24.

Monthly Maintenance Closures

The Boneyard is scheduled for monthly maintenance on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Closures are weather dependent and are subject to change at the discretion of staff. Dependent upon the needs of the park the closure will either be a half day closure (7 a.m.-noon) or a full day closure (7 a.m.-5 p.m.). 

Upcoming Maintenance

None scheduled at this time.  

Rules & Regulations

  • Use of park is at your own risk
  • Owners are responsible for the behavior of their dogs
  • Dogs must be within site and under voice control at all times
  • Dog owners must remain within the fenced off-leash area with their dog
  • Dogs displaying aggressive behavior or fighting must be removed
  • No dogs under 16 weeks of age
  • All dogs must be properly licensed, healthy, and have current vaccinations
  • No dogs in heat are allowed
  • No more than three (3) dogs per owner
  • No food is allowed inside the off leash area
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs
  • Children must be kept under close supervision at all times
  • Both bullpen gates must be closed and latched after entering or exiting the off leash area
  • Please be courteous of others when entering/exiting the bullpen
  • Owners should fill any holes made by their pets
  • Do not brush or otherwise groom pets inside off leash area
  • Training should be restricted to the designated training area of the park

Etiquette and Courtesies

  • Small dog enclosure is for dogs under thirty (30) pounds
  • Owners should be aware of their dogs behavior and move to another area of the park if needed
  • Barking can be disruptive to all park patrons, please be aware and curtail excessive barking
  • Benches are for people, boulders are for dogs
  • Strollers, bicycles, and other wheeled devices are not appropriate in the off leash area
  • The double gates are provided as a transition area – please use them appropriately