Contractor Licensing

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Contractor licenses can now be applied for and renewed on the portal!

The Town of Erie requires a contractor license for all contractors involved in:

  • The construction, alteration, remodeling, repairing, and equipping of buildings and structures.
  • Construction of all city-owned water, sewer, and storm drainage facilities.
  • Construction of roads and streets.
  • Installation of underground utilities.

New License Application

Applications for new contractor licenses can be submitted on the Customer Self-Service Portal . Permit application submittal, payments,  and inspection requests are also made via the Portal. To apply for a new license (not a renewal) via the portal, you must first register and then choose the correct type of license under "Apply". The following required documents must be uploaded and named as indicated:

  • Current Certificate of Liability Insurance 
    • Named: Company Name_COI_exp_date (example:XYZ Construction_COI_Exp 10_21_2022
  • State issued Driver's License or ID Card of the individual signing the application 
    • Named: Company Name_DL(or ID)_Individual name (example:XYZ Construction_ID_Sam_Smith)

Plumbing and Electrical submittals also require:

  • Current State of Colorado Master License 
    • Named: Company Name_MP or ME_individual name_exp date
  • Current State of Colorado Contractor License 
    • Named: Company Name_PC or EC_individual name_exp date 

Following your application approval, you will be contacted via email with invoice information for payment.

Town of Erie contractor licenses are good for the calendar year. All licenses expire on Dec. 31 of each year. All contractors must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Town of Erie as a certificate holder. Contactors required to have a state license (electrical, plumbing) must provide copies of current state master and contractor licenses. 

Submit to: 
Town of Erie, 
PO Box 750
Erie, CO 80516 


OR Fax 303-926-2704  

Renewal License

Contractor license renewals can be submitted on the Customer Self-Service Portal or via email. To apply for a renewal license, you must log in to the portal, go to your Dashboard and apply there. If you do not have a license showing on your dashboard to renew, please call 303-926-2780 for assistance. 

License renewals for the coming calendar year can be submitted starting in October of the current year. To renew a license, please submit the application and any additional documentation that may be out of date (state licenses, certificate of liability insurance). See above for required naming format of uploaded documents.

Homeowner Permits

Homeowners doing work on their personal private residence are not considered contractors and are not required to obtain a contractor license however, they are required to complete a homeowner disclaimer.

By obtaining a Homeowner Permit, the homeowner is taking on any and all risk and liability (present and future) associated with the work being completed. It may be beneficial to hire a licensed contractor if the scope of work is outside the knowledge and experience of the homeowner.