Planning Division

Planning coordinates the review of development applications with Engineering, Parks and Recreation and Building to ensure conformance with each Divisions regulations and master plans. Visit the Development Activity map to view development applications and developments under construction. Contact the Planning Division for more information at 303-926-2770.

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The Zoning Map identifies the zoning district and any Planned Unit Development Overlay for properties annexed into the Town. Links for the zoning documents related to Planned Development zone districts and for Planned Unit Development overlays are listed below. The Unified Development Code (UDC) contains the subdivision and zoning regulations for the Town.

Planned Development (PD) Zoning Map / Guide List

Arapahoe Ridge Filing No. 1 (east of 111th St.): Follows regulations for LR in UDC

Arapahoe Ridge Filing No. 2: (west of 111th St.): Follows regulation for SR in UDC

Arapahoe Ridge Filing No. 3 (Commercial Center): Arapahoe Ridge Market Place Planned Development, Filing No. 3 – 1st Amendment

Arapahoe Ridge Filing No. 4 (Beasley Drive area): Development Plan Arapahoe Ridge Filing No. 4 

Candlelight Ridge Subdivision – PD Zoning 2nd Amendment 

Canyon Creek, Country Fields, Country Meadows, Cottonwood Vista, Brennan by the Lake: Canyon Creek PD Amendment No. 10

Cube Smart Self Storage: Zahn Development Guide Minor Development

Erie Commons: Erie Commons PD Zoning Map – Amendment No. 9 & Erie Commons Development Guide Amendment No. 9

Erie Corporate Center

Erie Town Center: Erie Town Center PD Zoning Map & Erie Town Center PD Development Guide

Erie Village Planned Development PD Development Plan, Sixth Amendment  

Grandview Development Plan  

Kenosha Farms: Follows regulations for LR in UDC

Kenosha Estates: Follows regulations for ER in UDC

Nine Mile Corner PD – DP Amendment No. 1

Northridge Filing 1 & 2: Follows regulations for LR in UDC

Northridge Filing 3: Follows regulations for SR in UDC

Summerfield PD – Development Plan 

Vista Pointe: Barb Property Amendment No. 1 General Development Plan  

Vista Ridge Development Plan: Original and Amendments 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6  

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay Zoning Map / Guide List

Candlelight Estate Final Development Plan Planned Unit Development  

Colliers Hill: Bridgewater PUD Amendment No. 5

Compass Filing No. 4 – PUD Zoning Map

Creekside Townhomes Final Development Plan PUD 

Erie Airpark: Lot 2, Erie Airpark Subdivision Replat A PUD Zoning Map

Erie Highlands PUD Zoning Map Amendment No. 2

Flatiron Meadows PUD Overlay Map Amendment No. 3

Morgan Hill PUD Overlay – Amendment No. 1

Parkdale PUD Overlay Map, Amendment No. 2

Rex Ranch PUD Zoning Map  

Sunwest North Subdivision PUD Overlay Map 

Westerly PUD Overlay