Municipal Code

The Municipal Code is comprised of ordinances and bylaws issued by a municipality, and the rules pertinent to the municipality's operations and conduct of business. These ordinances can address things like public health and safety, zoning, Town budgeting rules, land use issues, and more. The Town's code builds on laws established by the State of Colorado.

The Board of Trustees votes on new ordinances or changes to existing ordinances. The Town uses a system called Municode to present ordinances and show the history of any given ordinance. Historical information includes when an ordinance was adopted, when it became effective, and (in some cases) when it was changed or removed. 

The Town of Erie’s ordinances/municipal code is accessible through the database link below. 

For questions about the database, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 303-926-2733.

 Visit the Town of Erie Municipal Code Database