Homeowner Associations

The Town and homeowners’ associations may share responsibilities, but each neighborhood is unique. Consult with your homeowner’s association for details. HOAs are responsible for registering with the Town with the HOA Registration Form. View the Town of Erie HOA Contact Information to reach out to your HOA directly.

Neighborhood Officers

To provide the best service to our community, the Erie Police Department deploys a Neighborhood Team approach with consistent coverage of all Erie neighborhoods, allowing partnerships with residents and businesses to address crime and other issues.

Organizing Neighborhoods of Erie (ONE) Committee

The purpose of the Organizing Neighborhoods of Erie (ONE) Committee is to provide the opportunity for communication between staff and the representatives of neighborhood associations or other interested neighbors on topics of interest.  For more information or to learn how to participate, email erieneighborhoods@erieco.gov and reference ONE Committee.

Metro Districts

Special Districts are quasi-governmental entities with taxing authority that are used to finance necessary public infrastructure and services the Town cannot otherwise provide. A Metro District is a type of special district organized under Colorado's Special District Act (Title 32, Article 1, Colorado Revised Statutes). These are separate governmental entities not controlled by the Town, except to the extent the Board of Trustees has authority to approve the Service Plan under which a Special District operates. View more about the mill levies associated with Metro Districts.

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