Water Conservation Master Plan

What You Need to Know

The Town of Erie has a healthy and diverse raw water portfolio; efficient raw water delivery systems; and adequate water supplies in storage for the 2013 water year. The Town does not plan on issuing Mandatory Restrictions this year. The Town will continue to carefully manage its water supply based on the uncertainties of existing drought conditions throughout the state.


According to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), the water year ending October 31, 2012 saw below average precipitation; snow accumulation at 45% of average; and temperatures that are above seasonal averages. In response, many municipalities that implemented both voluntary and mandatory watering restrictions earlier in the year will keep the restrictions in place throughout the winter months. The Town of Erie is closely monitoring the situation and will update the public on specific action plans should drought conditions persist.

Help Do Your Part to Conserve

Erie has established a demand management program consisting of three levels of watering restrictions designed to limit water usage. The Town encourages voluntary compliance with Level 1 at all times. Level 1 encourages lawn watering and drip irrigation twice per week between the hours of 7:00 pm and 7:00 am.

Hand watering is allowed at all times. Level 3 calls for the highest amount of water savings and would only be required in times of emergencies.

Water Conservation Plan

The Erie Water Conservation Master Plan (PDF) (9.4 MB), approved in March 2008, provides guidance for effective water conservation while controlling implementation costs. The Plan evaluates Erie's water demands and supplies, defines goals specific to the conservation program, and evaluates and selects conservation measures/programs for implementation.

The Erie Water Conservation Master Plan may be viewed or an hard copy will be available for review in the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall (645 Holbrook Street).