Water Reclamation

Wastewater Treatment Division operates and maintains a multi-awarded 1.5 million gallons per day (mgd) North Water Reclamation Facility. All of the wastewater from residential and commercial customers is treated using the Integrated Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology. Our goal is to operate the WRF as a good neighbor, minimize odors, and return the treated effluent to the creeks while meeting all state and federal standards.

North Water Reclamation Facility

The North Water Reclamation Facility opened on May 12, 2011 key features include:

  • Class A Bio Solids Room
    This is the first application to be put in use in the central U.S. Bio solids (waste) are heated to remove all pathogenic organisms resulting in compost material that is completely safe. The Town will use some of the bio solids in Town parks as compost. Additionally, there has been interest from local turf farmers who may consider purchasing the compost.
  • High Speed Turbo Blowers
    This is only the second application of these blowers in Colorado. The blowers supply all of the air for the biological process of treating the wastewater and are much more energy efficient than conventional waste water treatment blowers. Electricity is largest cost of these types of facilities. It is anticipated that this equipment will reduce energy consumption by 15%. Staff redirects heat from the blowers to assist in heating other parts of the building resulting in additional cost savings.
  • Outdoor Aeration Basins
    Four basins - each hold approximately 200,000 gallons of wastewater. Each basin contains millions of pieces of IFAS Media. The IFAS media give the bacteria more surface area to cling to and grow. The Town's use of IFAS media enabled us to reduce the overall footprint of the facility by at least one third. For future expansion – we will not need to add acreage – just simply add more of the IFAS media.
  • 1,000 Acre Foot Re-Use Reservoir
    (Use of reclaimed water is a component of the Town's Water Conservation Plan.) Reservoir construction is underway and includes a 40 acre surface area. This water will be rated class 2 re-use water and will be able to be used in parks and open space reducing the Town's dependency on potable water supplies.
  • Micro Filtration Filters
    The micro filtration filters cleanse the wastewater to a level where it is safe to release into the creek.
  • Low Impact Design
    The ranch style - barn like buildings disappear into the natural surroundings reducing impact.

Wastewater Division at the Facility

Duties of the Wastewater Treatment Division Include:

  • Performing State and Federal Water Quality Testing
  • Management of wastewater projects under the Capital Improvement Program.