Water Plans

Efficiency and responsible stewardship are important components of Erie's water management strategy. Erie has a long history of water efficiency and conservation practices. View more about the innovative strategies in the updated Water Efficiency Plan and the Drought & Water Supply Shortage Plan below.

During the development of the 2021 Water Plans, a variety of water efficiency and conservation measures and programs were evaluated to determine their compatibility with Erie’s objectives and water supply system and the ability to achieve the target water savings. Our water savings goal, established in the 2021 updates, is to achieve a 10% water savings in 10 years relative to baseline projected demands; this is equivalent to 115 gpcd.

Help achieve 10 in 10!

You're invited to read the 2021 Water Efficiency Plan and Drought & Water Supply Shortage Plan.

Water Efficiency ProgramsGraphic for water conservation says "live like you love it"

The Town makes a concerted effort to provide resources to Erie residents and businesses to help achieve water conservation goals.
Water efficiency programs include:

Q&A Session

On March 22 2021 Town staff and other water experts hosted a short presentation and answered questions about water efficiency and drought management. View the recorded Q&A Session.

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