Public Works Divisions

Administration Division

The Public Works Administration Division manages and coordinates overall direction for the Public Works Department. This Division also administers Town policies, develops departmental policies and procedures, and ensures effective management and operational conditions of the department.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division’s primary mission is to effectively organize, direct, implement and monitor the planning, contracting, designing, and inspecting of all Town and private development projects for and within the Town. Engineering staff also maintains and updates the Geographic Information System (GIS).

Facilities Maintenance Division

The Facilities Maintenance Division maintains and provides janitorial care for all Town-owned facilities. General maintenance duties are performed in-house, while specialized maintenance, such as elevator repair and HVAC system repair, are required to be contracted out.

Operations & Maintenance Division

The Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for street, fleet, meter, and storm drainage maintenance. Learn more...

Sustainability Division

The Sustainability Division is tasked with implementing the goals and priorities outlined in the Town’s Sustainability Master Plan, Water Efficiency Plan, Drought & Water Supply Shortage Plan, and Energy Action Plan 2.0. Some current projects include installation of EV charging stations, Recycling Center operations, Zero Waste Policies and curbside recycling and composting development, indoor air quality rebates, water conservation and efficiency rebates and programs, streetlight acquisition negotiations, and anything else that improved the environmental and public health of the Town.  

Water Reclamation Treatment Division

The Water Reclamation Treatment Division operates and maintains the 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd) Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). All of the wastewater from residential and commercial customers is treated at this activated sludge facility. Our goal is to operate the WRF as a good neighbor, minimize odors, and return the treated effluent to the creeks while meeting all state and federal standards. Learn More...

Water Treatment Division

The Water Treatment Division operates and maintains the 9.9 firm million gallons per day (mgd) Lynn Morgan Water Treatment Facility (WTF). WTF staff also operates and maintains the pretreatment plant, pump stations, interconnect, and water storage facilities. WTF staff monitors all aspects through the use of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Learn More...