Administration Division

The Public Works Administration Division manages and coordinates overall direction for the Public Works Department. This Division also administers Town policies, develops departmental policies and procedures, and ensures effective management and operational conditions of the department.

Facilities Maintenance Division

The Facilities Maintenance Division maintains and provides janitorial care for all Town-owned facilities. General maintenance duties are performed in-house, while specialized maintenance, such as elevator repair and HVAC system repair, are required to be contracted out.

Operations & Maintenance Division

Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is responsible for maintaining all paved and unpaved roads in the Town. Road maintenance activities budgeted in this Division include road blading, street sweeping, snow removal, asphalt maintenance, signing and marking, shoulder work, roadway clean up, and concrete work.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the Town's fleet for Administration, Community Development, Information Technology, Parks & Recreation, Police and Public Works vehicles. They also maintain heavy equipment for Public Works. Maintenance is provided through a combination of in-house and contract maintenance.


Meters is responsible for locating water and sewer lines as well as installing, repairing, reading, changing out, turning on and off, and re-reading water meters.

Distribution/Collection/Storm Drainage Maintenance

Distribution/Collection/Storm Drainage operates and maintains the water transmission, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage collection systems. Staff performs routine preventive maintenance for all fire hydrants, valves, pressure relief valves, sanitary sewer cleaning and vacuuming of lines, lift stations, and performing emergency repairs. Each system is divided in to four quadrants and maintained on a rotating schedule.

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Water Reclamation Treatment Division

The Water Reclamation Treatment Division operates and maintains the 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd) Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). All of the wastewater from residential and commercial customers is treated at this activated sludge facility. Our goal is to operate the WRF as a good neighbor, minimize odors, and return the treated effluent to the creeks while meeting all state and federal standards. Learn More...

Water Treatment Division

The Water Treatment Division operates and maintains the 9.9 firm million gallons per day (mgd) Lynn Morgan Water Treatment Facility (WTF). WTF staff also operates and maintains the pretreatment plant, pump stations, interconnect, and water storage facilities. WTF staff monitors all aspects through the use of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Learn More...