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Email Utility Billing Application

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  2. In an effort to add convenience, reduce costs, and save natural resources, the Town of Erie is offering our new E-mail Billing Option for utility customers effective August 1, 2009. This option is intended for those who prefer to receive an electronic statement via e-mail instead of a printed statement delivered through the mail. Monthly electronic statements for E-mail Billing Option customers will include web links to Erie Edition (the Town’s bi-monthly newsletter) and other notices from Town Hall which are enclosed with printed statements.

    If you have any questions regarding the E-mail Utility Billing Option or other payment options, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 303-926-2700.

  3. Electronic Funds Transfer (Automatic Payments)

    Check here if you are interested in learning more about signing-up for Electronic Funds Transfer, which allows you to pay your Town of Erie utility bill automatically from your bank account each month without having to write a check.

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