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Posted on: January 16, 2017

Town of Erie Police Department Introductions


Over the past several months we’ve been introducing you to some of the men and women of the Town of Erie Police Department.  These introductions are informal and brief – so whether you are new to Erie or have lived here for years, we hope you’ll take just a moment to get to know us a little better.  And next time you see us out in the community – be sure to say “hi” to our officers.  We are only strangers once.

It is an honor to serve you and the entire Erie community.  Thank you!

Introduce yourselves

Tyler: Officer Tyler Price

Chris: Officer Christine “Chris” Muzzipapa

How long have you been a Police Officer?  How long with the Erie Police Department? 

Tyler: I have been a Police Officer since July and have been with the Erie Police Department the entire time.

Chris: I have been a Police Officer for the past 30 years and have been with Erie since June of 2016. 

Why did you want to be in law enforcement? 

Tyler: There is a video of me at my preschool graduation where I tell the camera I’m going to be a Police Officer when I grow up.  I spent time in the military and always knew this is where I wanted to end up. 

Chris: After high school I knew this career would be the best fit for me and would be the best way for me to help people, which was and still is very important to me.


Tell us about an average day for you at work.

Tyler: Since I am still so new, I continue to learn every day.  I have completed the Field Training Officer (FTO) program and now work hard to apply everything I learned in the Police Academy and from my FTO’s to real life situations.

Chris: I try to spend most of my days out in the community.  I conduct traffic stops, patrol the neighborhoods, conducts business checks, and provide foot patrols to ensure business and the schools are safe. 

What do you do when you are off duty? 

Tyler: I am brand new to this area, so I am getting to know the area and meeting new people.  I also enjoy working out and spending time outdoors.

Chris: I spend a lot of time working out, attending boot camps, running and biking.  I also have a few classic cars and like to ride my motorcycle.

What neighborhood are you assigned to? 

Tyler: I am assigned to Erie Village and Kenosha Farms.  I make sure to help patrol the areas, assist residents with concerns and participate in designated community events and meetings.

Chris: I am assigned Country Fields and Country Meadows.  I too am ensuring to help patrol these areas, assist residents with concerns and participate in designated community events and meetings.

What do you love about working in Erie? 

Tyler: Everything!  The department and all of the community members have made me feel very welcomed.  I am lucky to be learning from many seasoned veterans who have been with this agency for a long time. 

Chris: I am thankful for a supportive command staff who supports our decisions and working with all of the officers who all have a team mentality.  Everyone is willing to help each other out.  I also love that the community and the department have such a good relationship.

1000 Telleen Avenue | P.O. Box 510
Erie, CO 80516 | 303-926-2800

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