Fitness & Wellness Programs

Fitness Programs

Erie Never Stops Walking

This year, you will receive a log to record your weekly indoor walking. Log records will be recorded weekly on a chart. We will still track our progress on a map as we walk across the United States. Mondays staff will walk with the group on the indoor track. After each session we celebrate our successes at a potluck brunch. And there are incentives along the way to keep you motivated. Registration is not required.    

For questions or more information, please call 303-926-2795.  This program is free for SilverSneakers members and ECC Pass holders; daily admission is charged for all others per visit.

Introduction to Qi-Gong & Tai-Chi Chuan

Qi-gong, or "energy cultivation," is the practice of coordinating one’s mind, breathing, and body movement to improve circulation throughout the body. This exercise is based on one’s practice, mental attitude, metabolism, sleep, physical strength, and balance, and thus over-all health will display significant improvement. 

This 75 minute class will consist of learning such movements as: 
  • Yuan Gong
  • Pai Da Gong
  • Ba Duan Jin (eight section brocade)
Tai-chi Chuan (Boundless Fist) uses the mind to lead the body and trains tranquility in motion. Slowness, lightness, balance, calmness, and clarity are its qualities. Students will be taught the 13-Posture Form. Loose clothing is recommended. The registration deadline is 1 week prior to class start date. 

Meditation Made Easy

If you feel that stress, tension, and pain are becoming too much a part of your life, this is the class for you. Through this deeply relaxing form of seated, guided meditation you will acquire the tools that you can use in your everyday life to release anxiety, relieve pain, have more energy, and sleep more soundly.

This is meditation made easy and a wonderful gift to give to yourself. The registration deadline is 1 week prior to class start date. 

Wellness Partnership Programs

Blood Pressure Checks

Blood pressure checks are a free service offered by the Mountain View Fire Department. They are offered on the 1st Thursday of every month from 11:00 am – Noon. There is no need to make a reservation, just stop in the Briggs room for a free check. 

Hearing Screenings

Audigy Certified Family Hearing Centers offers the following services free of charge:
  • Wax removal
  • Hearing screening
  • Hearing aid cleaning
  • Hearing aid filter change
These service are provided from 9:00 - 11:00 am in the Lehigh room. Please call 303-926-2795 for a time slot.