Special Events Permit

2017 Special Events

The Town of Erie is accepting applications for any NEW special events to be held in the Town of Erie for 2017.  Events sponsored and/or held in 2016 will be supported for 2017.

If you are interested in hosting a NEW event please complete the Initial Letter of Interest/Application first. By providing information regarding your proposed event Town staff can be better prepared to work with you as we begin planning for the 2017 event season. Please only complete the packet in its entirety once directed by staff to do so.  All new events will incur a non-refundable $200.00 processing fee.  

This does not apply to Block parties and shelter rentals and permits may be requested as per current procedures.

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Special Event Permits

All special events, circuses, carnivals or similar exhibitions, parades, processions or open air meetings conducted within the Town of Erie are required to obtain a permit and/or license from the Town prior to commencing such activities. This requirement does not apply to such activities that are conducted solely on private property except that such activities will be conducted in compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations. The special event permit fee is $50.00 (refundable) and will apply to all events, this fee is in addition to the $200.00 processing fee for new events. 

Please note that commercial activities and special events (i.e. bike races, running races, sporting events, etc.) are prohibited without a valid Special Event Permit

Special Events Application

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Block Parties

You must complete an Application for Block Parties/Street Closures prior to your Block Party.   A $10.00 fee is due to the Town Clerk at time of block party application submittal.  If needing cones for street closure a $50.00 refundable deposit will also be collected.