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Meeting Packets are available online no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.
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Term Expiration
Tina Harris - Mayor Email
April 2018
Mark Gruber - Mayor Pro Tem Email
April 2018
Scott Charles - Trustee Email
April 2020
Jennifer Kramer - Trustee Email
April 2018
Geoff Deakin - Trustee Email
April 2020
Waylon Schutt - Trustee Email
April 2018
Dan Woog- Trustee Email
April 2020


To contact the Housing Authority Board members by Email, select Email next to the name of the board member. You may also contact any board member by mail at:
Town of Erie
P.O. Box 750
Erie, CO 80516
Fx: 303-926-2705

Note: All board / commission / ad hoc committee communications (written or electronic) are subject to CRS 24-72-201 through 24-72-206, the Open Records Act.