Vision Statement

The following vision statement was developed during the Board of Trustees and Planning Commission Retreat on Saturday October 18, 2014. The vision statement and goals are intended to provide broad direction for the Town over the next 6 years. 

 The Town Board of Erie will strive to: 

1.  Become financially stable, sustainable and self sufficient
  • Diversify the Town’s economic portfolio by encouraging commercial, retail and primary employment growth in identified zones
  • Manage residential growth by adhering to the UDC
  • Provide a range of housing options, including mixed-use housing
2.  Promote a cohesive and aesthetically appealing small town look and feel with a focus on the ‘core’ part of Town
  • Expand retail opportunities in the core part of Town
  • Provide convenient access to improved local services
  • Improve and expand the art district/restaurants in the core area of Town
3.  Maintain and enhance recreational opportunities and an active outdoor lifestyle 
  • Improve connectivity of trails to parks, residential development and retail operation within the Town
  • Examine opportunities to improve bicycle and pedestrian connections with regional trail systems
4.  Foster relationships and cooperation between neighboring communities and governmental entities