Restorative Justice Program

Program Methods

  • Using a form of mediation, called conferencing, which includes families and friends of both the victim and offender as well as other affected community members
  • Allowing the victim to express fully his or her feelings resulting from the offense
  • Including the stories of all affected parties to clarify for the offender the extent of impact his or her behavior had
  • Providing a safe venue for the offender to publicly apologize if he/she wants to
  • Providing a mechanism for the group to reach consensual agreement on the appropriate ways for the offender to make amends through work, restitution, or other actions
  • Allowing the offender to reintegrate into the community as someone who has accepted responsibility and repaired the harm he / she caused by completing the community-generated agreement

Project Qualifications

  • The juvenile offender must have admitted guilt
  • Cases that are excluded from conferencing include felony assaults, sexual assaults, and domestic violence
  • Referrals can be made by individuals throughout the community, school district personnel, law enforcement personnel, the District Attorney's Office, Juvenile Diversion personnel, the courts, and probation personnel
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Leslie Maya-Charles via email or call 303-926-2841.