Fitness & Wellness Session Based Classes

For more information on fees, dates and times of current programs being offered please visit the Program Guide.

*Please note these sessions based classes are an additional fee outside of any membership or drop-in rate.

General Fitness

  • Agility, Balance, Core: The ABC's to Injury Prevention
  • Core Strength for Tender Backs
  • Pumpkin Bootcamp - Fall Only
  • Introduction to Resistance Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Pound Fitness
  • TRX® - Born in the Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training® body weight exercise simultaneously develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Regardless of your age, if you are out of shape or a pro athlete, injured or at the top of your game, TRX Suspension Training meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.


  • Sports Conditioning
  • Strong Girls
  • TRX Intervals

Mind Body

  • Gentle Yoga from a Chair
  • Life Stretch

Race Training

  • Strength Training for Runners